I was born on the first of May 1973, in Gardone Val Trompia. Since i was a child i loved to draw and soon animals became my favorite subjects. Gardone is a city that fascinates for its landscapes and unspoilt nature that surrounds and protect it. It’s located on the side of the mountains that degrade in the valley.
As a logical consequence, I decided to follow my passion and let it be the main subject of my studies, reaching the diploma at the art institute. At that point my artistic creativity exploded, with the desire to learn the painting technique.

I became student of the famous professor Adriano Grasso Caprioli, with whom I studied in deep different painting techniques. Working by his side, hands-on in the studio, I learned the oil, tempera, watercolor and pastels techniques and also the acrylic technique.

Even though his materic painting, with smudges and dropping colors is different from my style, I learned his great attention for the form, the compositive rhythm and the structural harmony of his works.

In 2002 I attended with success the engraving school "Il Bisonte" in Florence to study graphic art to complete my education. In the meanwhile, I already paint and expose my paintings.

Since i was very young, I have spending time in the hunting world. And, after all, Gardone Val Trompia is well-known for the industry that from centuries positively characterized the economy: the arms industry.
It’s exactly here where the famous arms factory Beretta has its headquarter.

Chamois, deers and roe deers become for me great source of inspiration, and being able to portray them in a gray winter day or late autumn in the forest with burnt colors or in high altitude pastures, always gives me great emotions.

Or again, I love to study and observe wild animals in solitude and in solitude I like to paint them too. But I also love dogs too, and I love to portray them when their hunting and also when they are close to me, in the garden or at home.

I worked with various hunting magazines such as “Diana Caccia” (“Diana Hunting”) and “Beccacce che passione” (“Woodcock what a passion”), “Sentieri di caccia” (“Hunting paths”) which
published some of my paintings on the cover.

I have also my own line of Bassano pottery products that faithfully reproduce the subjects I portray on canvas, such as pocket emptier, plates and placemats all handmade and handpainted. My products can be perfect for your home decoration and design such as my wool and cachemire blankets, which I can also line with fine fur, both synthetic and natural.

Prints of my best paintings, that deserved to be published on paper, can be found in a very
limited edition.

The appreciation for my paint became to me concrete and tangible when, more and more often, I was commissioned family portraits or oil or tempera paintings that portray a subject dear to them. I always do them with plasure, as it is an ancient and particular work that really involves me. I have painted paintings on commission not only for hunters of great fame, but also for many families of the most important Italian businesses or even for simple lovers of their dog.


My passion for cynophilia pushed me to paint hunting dogs, paying attention to their morphology; I can both carefully depict the anatomical features of the classic plastic poses, and on the other side I can further enhance in the moving images the construction of the subject portrayed, through my personal interpretation..

The expressiveness

Dogs have always been part of my life. Since childhood and especially in adulthood I have always wanted them next to me, in my daily life as in my mountain excursions, to enjoy their great and noble company. So they became one of my most favorite subjects and it is extremely easy to portray on the canvas the emotions that inspires me: their muzzle’s expression, their movement, the pointer position, are for sure the most defining moments.

Between man and nature

I think dogs are the perfect mediators between the human world and the unspoiled and wild world of nature, which under many aspects has become unknown to us. The soul of the hunting dog is, as itself, noble and with a strength of will with no pair. All the dogs, either hunting dogs or lapdogs, are wonderful creatures, able to be under our complete service and, at the same time, to keep their personality and a certain independence.

The hunting action

Dogs have the ability to continuously change the environments that surround them. In few minutes the Alps’ magical atmosphere can turn into a life drama through the hunting action in few minutes. The tension in the imminence of the prey’s ambush becomes palpable, transforms the scene and becomes instantly unique. My approach to hunting is partly the result of my love for dogs, but also come from an intrinsic predisposition to be a hunter.


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by some specialized magazines, such as Case & Country.

Some of my paintings have also been chosen to be the cover or an insert in hunting and animals magazines.

Here you can find some of my publications and some of my works in specialized magazines.